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  • 2020年04月07日\"As a military teacher, we should look ahead, think ahead, strengthen the future war design and combat opponent research, so as to have a battlefield in mind, have knowledge in mind. Li wen, a professor of joint operations at the national defense university who has been recognized as a \"national excellent teacher \", told reporters that doing a good job in the education of military academies in the new era, environmental edification and ideological guidance are equally important, and the \"100-meter war wall\" is a microcosm.
    365bet官方app下载Get rid of \"gnawing old \", only then calculate true independence now the question is, how do they want to make a living? Harry inherited part of the fortune of his mother, diana, and great-grandmother, queen elizabeth, and his daily expenses were supported in two parts, partly by government funding for the royal duties, about 5%, and 95% from his father, charlton, in cornwall territory. In 2018, the bill amounted to more than 5 million, or so the harrys were in a state of gnawing. Judging by the two men's position at the moment, it is to give up that 5% of the proceeds and keep the remaining 95%, so that it can both avoid the shackles of royal rules and the flash of the media, and continue to spend a lot of money on the way to life. To do this, the two are said to be planning to use media interviews to expose the royal family as a threat and have taken photos of their meetings with several major american television networks. Harry and his wife have different judgments about their suitability. But the most radical and cool way for such a new-fashioned, royal-wear-averse couple is actually to leave the royal family entirely, not to accept the support of their father, to achieve true independence, and today's era has provided them with this possibility. Historically, the abdication of edward viii and the marriage of princess margaret all caused a royal uproar, and the two men, determined to be independent, were still unable to draw a complete line from the royal family, and in the end they had to live on the royal annuity. And today's social media provide a ready-made way for individuals to realize their influence, a way for Harry and his wife to be independent as social talent. In fact, they had registered the \"Sussex Royal\" trademark at the end of last year, covering 100 items ranging from notepads to socks, and while it still contained the words Royal, it had shown real determination to rely on itself. If they can actually earn their own money in the market, they will surpass the elders of Edward VIII and Margaret and create a new history of the royal family. 2020-04-07 14:05:06